VGS Chateau Potelle- Four Wines with Altitude

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April 28, 2021 (Book before April 16th)


5:30pm (MDT)


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Jean-Noel Fourmeaux, VGS Chateau Potelle - Meet the Makers of Napa Valley  Wine

Jean-Noel Fourmeaux

Winemaker/Proprietor & Master Storyteller

Wines with Altitude - Get High with Us

“Civilized but not completely domesticated” - Our vision at Chateau Potelle is to produce wines of style and character that are representative of their birth place. Like for each of us, our "roots" provide us with a unique culture, a set of morals and traditions...Our job as winemaker is to respect, exploit and enhance the unique qualities of our "roots" to craft wines that have a sense of place and exhibit their distinctive personality.

Winemaking, like parenting, is an art always reinvented. Every year it's different, just as every child is different. There are guidelines, of course, but no defined set of rules. You adapt to accompany each as they develop and grow; control does not really work.

If nature has given our grapes unique personality, why should we attempt to alter their course with excessive manipulation, or the use of technical specifications -- jamming them into the mold of "standardized" wines? Have you ever tried to "standardize" your children? They run away!!!

VGS’ moto is “Perfection Without Pretention.” Wine is like salt and pepper, it's another spice to food. Some may say wine is art, and we agree, but one that is meant to be swallowed – not stared at. Yes, wine is unique and special, but that should not put it on a pedestal. Wine is not an ego is a pleasure to the senses. YOUR senses, YOUR taste. Not others'. Yes, it is OK to have your own taste – that is what wine, and parenting, and life is all about!

The Four Wines

VGS Chardonnay 2019

Bald Mountain Vineyard
Mount Veeder, Napa Valley

VGS Potelle Two 2018 Red Blend

(55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Zinfandel, 5% Petite Sirah)
Napa Valley

VGS Zinfandel 2018

Alta Vista Vineyard
Moon Mountain District, Sonoma Valley

VGS Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Wildcat Mountain Vineyard
Mount Veeder, Napa Valley